Jeep it!

Once a Distributor has S3Q3 qualified the next step is to Jeep it! Here you will help each person under Income Centers 1 through 3 become S3 qualified..

When a Distributor has Jeep it! Qualified they are now qualified to receive a car bonus to get any make or model of Jeep they would like. This car bonus is anywhere from $300 to $700 per month..

To completely qualify for the Jeep it! Program, a Distributor only needs to help a personally sponsored Distributor under Income Center 3 become S3 qualified. As you qualify for your Jeep, you are also earning 10% of group volume in your income centers 1 & 2.
Don’t be afraid to ask your sponsor for help or support to Jeep it! You can also find Jeep it! Fast Track Information Here, and also the Jeep it! Q & A. These materials are available in the 1ViZN Back Office, and on the 1ViZN app under Media & More > Getting Started Tools.
Once qualified, make sure to fill out the Jeep it! Validation Form each month to receive your car bonus.

Jeep it Qualification Form