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S3 in 30 Days

Here at 1ViZN we want to reward you for your success. By Sponsoring 3 Distributors, one in each Income Center (IC), you become S3 qualified.

S3 qualifying is the first step to earning money with the 1ViZN Compensation Plan. You earn 10% of Personal Volume (PV) from each personally sponsored Distributor. So if each person in Income Centers 1-3 get involved with a $150 Auto Ship, you will make $15 from each person, bringing a total of $45 earned commissions (1PV = $1).

When you S3 in 30 days or less from the date you become a Distributor, 1ViZN will give you $150 in Free Product! This free product is perfect for using as samples, to help build your team, or to find retail and preferred customers. Being S3 qualified can help you lay the foundation to having a successful business.

Don’t be afraid to ask your sponsor for help to S3. You can also find support in your
1ViZN Back Office, and on the 1ViZN app under Media & More > Getting Started Tools.
Once qualified, make sure to fill out the S3 Validation Form!

S3 Qualification Form