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Up to 8 hours of Hard-Core Energy.™

ReVive Hard-Core uses the 1ViZN proprietary and trademarked CJCD (Caye-Ject Cellular Delivery) System. This delivery system is scientifically formulated to work directly with unique proprietary blends, Hyper-Metabolic Energy Complex and Neuro-Ignition Focus Complex, to ensure the ability for the body to absorb and utilize all of the components and benefits of ReVive Hard-Core. This system is what makes 1ViZN ReVive Hard-Core one of the most effective supplements on the market today.

Hyper-Metabolic Energy Complex
The unique composition of ingredients in this proprietary blend has been formulated to Boost Energy levels in the body, supporting and revitalizing the body as it adapts to the diversity of everyday life activity. This blend has been scientifically formulated to help maximize fat burn, through a metabolic process.

When the proprietary blend of these key components, along with others designed to work synergistically with each other, the results can be explosive! If you want to experience mind-blowing insane workouts that will blast you though your natural plateaus while testing your mental and physical limits…. You want ReVive Hard-Core!

1ViZN ReVive Hard-Core can be quite useful for athletes, especially those engaged in weight training and other explosive types of sports.

"30 Day Money Back Guarantee."

ReVive Hard-Core is and Energy and Fat Burn Pill and It May help:
➭ Support the Body’s Increasing Energy and Stamina ➭ Give Rapid Energy ➭ Improve Performance
➭ Improve Focus ➭ Promote Mental Clarity and Alertness ➭ Increase Thermogenesis
➭ Decrease Appetite ➭ Maximize Fat Burn